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Russian Pride and Prejudice

We have heard repeatedly over the past weeks and months of the sense of humiliation and loss that Russians supposedly feel and have felt following the collaps of the Soviet Union. Frequent references to this have been made by different Russians interviewed in media, or otherwise speaking out on the subject.

Put on your shirt Mr. Putin

I have over the past weeks exchanged views almost daily with friends across the world regarding the situation in Ukraine, and have followed closely different news outlets and social media, to the extent the reporting has been in a language I know.

In doing so I've noticed a major divide in facts and information relied on by different people when forming their opinion. Some say we are indeed witnessing an ongoing “propaganda war”.

Finnish illusion of neutrality

Finland is a non-NATO country, which shares about 1340 kilometers of border with Russia, and has a very distinctive history with its neighbour. As a Finn, I think I can give you an idea why this crisis probably feels a bit different to many of us Finns, than to the majority of Central or Western European citizens.

What was

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